MEMORANDUM of Revolution kommittee 2018 :

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1. We want restart Slovakia on the way to prosperity throuht exchange of political parties in Slovak parlament as only guarantee for renewal of LEGALLY STATE and DEMOCRACY in Slovakia.
2. We want rapair full function of police, generalship, courts by depoliticize. It will results in renewel of LEGALLY STATE.
3. Significant economical scandals as Gorila, Sasanka, privatisation will be prompt solved and results in consequances. Ekonomical crimes cannot be time-barred as crimes of Nacism and communism.
4. We apply for a material responsibility of politicans for manipulated tenders resulted in contracts for oligarchy from year 1993.
5. We apply for a eduction of resposibility of prime minister Rober Fico for unnecessary deaths 11.000 people per year (EUROSTAT 2015) for very poor stage of public health services. Government of R.Fico made no measures in public health services, becouse taxes od payer ended in accouts of oligarchy.
6. We want solve many of executions of people, caused by government.
7. Public television (RTVS) ignores participation of democratic voice of citizens and aktiv presentation of new legal parties with no background of oligarchy. Real censorship in Slovakia is proof of absence of democracy. Investigative journalism was eliminated of oligarchy.
8. Proprieties of thieves must be confiscate in accordance with act of property origin.
9. Revolution will ended by moment of last confiscation of illegal property.
10. We will depoliticize state institutions.
11. We want recreate again social system with middle class, which was disappeared as result of social engineering of political party SMER managed by oligarchy.
12. We want increase of living standard in Slovakia. Over 300.000 people in time of 10 years left a Slovakia.
13. If members od revolution kommittees will be persecuted of state, it will be proof about revenge of oligarchy.
14. We want hold the european values.
Viktor Béreš
Revolution committee 2018
and deputy : Mr. Roman Hílek